Got Naked at School – Chapter 1

I loved school growing up. It’s not like I was some overly-sappy kiss up to the teacher, but I definitely worked hard to be the best in my classes. In almost every class I had, after maybe fifth grade, I’d picture how I’d

Got Naked at School – Chapter 2

The second class wasn’t different. Although only a third of the class initially didn’t stay, this class had begun to leave in troves as well. I tried to be confident, I tried to stand my ground, but my voice still wavered.

Threesome on beach

“You’re all set, Jen.” Olivia Swede put her arm around the bespectacled redhead wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform. “He’ll be driving by here in a minute.” Jenna Westlake took a deep breath as she stood by the roadway. She

Neighbor little Secret – Chapter 1

“Mrs Sommers?” I called as I knocked repeatedly on the new neighbors’ door. There was no response. “Mrs Sommers?” I tried again. Everywhere was dead silent. I shifted restlessly on my feet; the plate of macaroons in my

Got Naked at School – Chapter 3

Brian’s hands were quick to fly to the buttons on my blouse. Part of my felt like I should stop this, like I should call it off, but at the same time I knew that I didn’t want to stop this. The only reason I wanted to stop

Neighbor little Secret – Chapter 2

I clambered out of the front seat of my best friend Lydia’s car snorting with laughter at her smartass jokes. Lydia had a weird sense of humor, which was cool because I did too. Lydia was my best friend in the whole wide