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Got Naked at School – Chapter 2

The second class wasn’t different. Although only a third of the class initially didn’t stay, this class had begun to leave in troves as well. I tried to be confident, I tried to stand my ground, but my voice still wavered.

Got Naked at School – Chapter 1

I loved school growing up. It’s not like I was some overly-sappy kiss up to the teacher, but I definitely worked hard to be the best in my classes. In almost every class I had, after maybe fifth grade, I’d picture how I’d

Neighbor little Secret – Chapter 3

“Are you crazy? I’ve never seduced a man in private never mind in public!” “All the more reason it would be more authentic if you do it now! He needs you and he’s not gonna make the first move because every time he comes

Neighbor little Secret – Chapter 1

“Mrs Sommers?” I called as I knocked repeatedly on the new neighbors’ door. There was no response. “Mrs Sommers?” I tried again. Everywhere was dead silent. I shifted restlessly on my feet; the plate of macaroons in my