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“Yeah buddy, I mean just tell her you’re working overtime across State. How is she going to find out? It will just be the three of us.”

Bill and Marty sat back on their chairs, their feet planted lazily on their desks. Marty took a sip from his to-go coffee and thought deeply for a few moments. He didn’t like the idea of lying to his wife, but he loved the idea of a trip to Vegas with the guys. Besides, Bill got away with this kind of thing all the time. Just last week, he told his wife that he had been called for a twenty-four hour shift when in reality, you could have found him pounding the slot machines in a casino just north of the state line, finishing up at 5am before returning to his hotel room with an expensive prostitute after a more than successful evening.

They were not the kind of cops you’d want in charge of your local district. Lazy and unreliable and with an insatiable appetite for dalliance with any younger woman who would entertain the idea. Bill was tall and well built. Standing at about 6 feet 3 inches and with the physique of a man who pushed weights more than occasionally, he had no trouble picking up women in the late night bars which he often frequented after work. He had been married for almost eight years to a younger woman who covered her eyes to his antics. His pathetic excuses for his late night ramblings were merely shrugged off as she enjoyed her comfortable suburban lifestyle and plenty of her husband’s generous income. Marty was slightly shorter but displayed the same ripped physique. Although he was lower in the rankings than Bill, the police chief, they none the less enjoyed an equal relationship. Both men had short, dark hair and always remained clean shaven, as their profession expected them to.

“I’m telling you man, it’s like a different world out there. The money we will make and the chicks we will nail. You can’t say we don’t deserve it.”

Marty smiled back at the incompetent and inept chief as he made his compelling argument. How could he get away with this?

“All you gotta do is make that phone call man. I’ll call in a couple of the guys and tell them we’re needed up state for some sort of emergency. They won’t ask any questions.”

“You know, you’re right. I’m gonna make that call. We do deserve this!”

Marty finally relented as he stood up from his desk and walked into the adjoining kitchen of the police station. He started to fumble around in the cupboards, looking for some biscuits or anything that he could snack on.

“Hey, we’re out of snacks!”

For the first time in his ten year career as police chief, Bill looked worried. He had received numerous calls describing robberies and assaults and murders before but this was a disaster on a whole new level for the blubbering officer.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this!”

Elizabeth flipped the sign of her family run business from “open” to “closed”. She had just finished her shift and began to scrub the floor of the confectionary shop that she took such pride in. The whitewashed walls beamed with a freshly painted intensity and she went over the floors twice with the mop to ensure that they glistened. Finally, she polished the glass screen that protected the rows of donuts and pastries which were so highly acclaimed by all who entered her store.

Just as she was about to switch off the lights and lock up, signifying the end of another successful day, the phone rang on top of the pristine marble counter.

“Hello. I’m afraid that we are actually closed right now. Oh okay. I see. Well, what is the address? Okay, I guess I can do that, it’s on my way home anyway. So what would you like?”

Elizabeth scribbled the order onto her note pad which she held in the pocket of her apron. She lifted up a section of the counter and walked through, towards the storage room to the back of the building. From here, she collected a large, white cardboard box, adorned with the company logo. She piled a number of cream and jam filled donuts into the box, sumptuously covered with various glazing and topped with sprinkles. She added a number of napkins to one side so that her loyal customers could deal with the mess that the glorious snacks would inevitably make.

She sealed the box and finished up by polishing the counter after her latest business call and locked up at the back of the building before pulling the front door shut and sliding the shutters down over the glass exterior, locking them shut at the bottom with a click. She took a quick look at the address that she had carefully printed on the top of the box before beginning the walk that would take her approximately ten minutes to the police station. She held the box under her left arm as she stood under the veranda at the front of the building and opened a grey umbrella. After raising the collar on her long, black leather jacket to shield her neck from the dripping rain she began her walk. Her knee length brown boots clicked on the concrete side walk as she continued past the forest of grey buildings.

“What?! Slow down, you’re not making any sense! Can you tell me your location? Yes Ma’am an officer is en route.” Bill slammed the phone down, grabbed his coat and made his way to the main entrance of the police station.

“What the hell was that about?” Marty asked, without looking overly concerned.

“Would you believe that was the donut girl? She said someone was following her. Typical isn’t it? The sun goes down around here and every girl pounding the pavement thinks somebody is out to get her. Oh well, she’s only a couple o’ blocks away, it just means our snacks get here faster!”

Marty rolled his eyes as Bill exited and made his way down the five saturated concrete steps that led to the station entrance. He pulled open the door of his police car and sighed as he turned on the wipers and switched on the car’s headlamps. It had all become clear to him now. This girl just didn’t want to walk in the rain! She would probably ask for a lift home now too! He was in no rush as he nonchalantly turned the key and the powerful engine roared into action. He backed it out of the parking lot and headed north, in the direction of the street that the young woman had called out to him over the phone.

The car knifed its way through the puddles that tormented the road as he continued at barely a crawl through the deserted streets of his home town. Who in their right mind would be out in this weather anyway he thought as he began to feel some sympathy for the owner of the confectionary store and the ordeal he was putting her through. He squinted his eyes as he began to find it difficult to see more than twenty feet ahead of him. When he reached the street he was looking for, he reduced his speed again and switched on his flashing blue and reds in the hope that she would appear out of nowhere, attracted to their glow like a moth to a flame.

As the rain continued to crash down he pulled his car over at the end of the street. He switched on his siren for about a minute, wondering where this woman had disappeared to. He waited and waited until eventually he formed an idea. He took out his cell phone and called Marty, back at the station.

“Hey guy, this girl seems to have vanished. Could you do me a favour? Grab the office phone and return the last call. She must have made it from her cell.”

Bill pulled out from the kerb he was parked at and turned the car left at the top of the street in order to circle the block. He left his cell phone on speaker as he heard Marty shuffle around on the desk and lift up the phone.

“Nothing. The damn thing is just ringing out man. That’s weird as hell.”

“Keep trying and let me know if you get anything”, Bill replied as he hung up the phone, his nosed almost pressed against his windscreen as the wipers of the car thrashed furiously from side to side, overwhelmed with their work. He inched mechanically forwards, peering down the side alleyways, searching for the mysterious girl as the intensity of the rain increased. He considered turning around and heading for a twenty four hour drive through, before he spotted something out of the corner of his eye.

He quickly swung his car around and beamed the powerful head lights straight down the narrow alleyway, enclosed by five stories of red brick on either side with a tall wired fence perched menacingly at the far end. The intensity of the lights startled two individuals against the wall of the alleyway. A young woman was desperately tried to evade the clutches of a much taller man, who lunged and grabbed a hold of her handbag.

Bill immediately sprang from his car and ran to the corner of the alleyway in one swift movement. He placed his back to the wall and reached for his gun.

“Stop what you’re doing and step away immediately!”

The man immediately let go of the woman’s handbag and turned to face the cop. Without warning, he turned on his heel and sprinted towards the fence at the rear of the alley. With immaculate precision he jumped onto the cover of a trash can in one corner of the alleyway and used his momentum to spring up onto the top of the steel fence. He managed to place both hands on top of it and by a matter of inches, reach his right foot out to gain his balance on top of the fence, before lunging down to the other side. Bill began his pursuit but realised that his efforts would be futile. The man’s athleticism too much for the tiring cop to compete with.

Short of breath, he returned to the young woman, who had slumped against the wall in shock. There was water dripping from her long brown hair, cascading from her fringe which hung long to her eyebrows. Her brown eyes had filled with tears as Bill carefully took her hand and helped her to her feet.

“Thank you so much.” She eventually managed to murmur as the police man removed his jacket and draped it around her soaking body.

“Don’t mention it. We got lucky. That gun wasn’t even loaded!”

As Bill led the young woman back to the police car, she noticed the destroyed box on the ground. She stared at it for a few moments before raising her hands to the top of her head and staring into the police officer’s blue eyes.

“Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about that! If you’d like we can just go back to the shop. I have some more ready for you, it won’t take a moment.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Let’s just take you home after your ordeal.”

“No I insist. After what you’ve just done. I have some donuts left that will be thrown out tomorrow when we bake our fresh ones. Trust me, you’d be doing me a favour here.”

Bill opened the passenger door of the car, granting the woman access. She climbed in, shivering as the rain penetrated her bones.

“There you are. Come on in for a second” Elizabeth said as she gently opened the door for the muscular hero. The bell rang above the door as he shut it behind him and Elizabeth moved in behind the counter of her store.

“Have you any preferences Officer?”

“Please, call me Bill. You can just fill that box up with whatever you want. We’re not fussy back at the station.”

“You got it. Just let me go dry off back here and I’ll get right on that.”

As she turned and moved towards the back room of the establishment, Bill couldn’t help but notice how her saturated black trousers stuck to her legs and ass as she moved. Her figure was ironically perfect for somebody producing what she was. Her hair fell right down to the bottom of her back, sleek with rain. Before she moved through the back door, she removed her black leather jacket and placed it on a stool, revealing a white blouse which was now perfectly see though. Bill noticed the back straps of her black bra and how the white material hugged her tapered body.

As she disappeared out of sight, Bill looked down and noticed the pool of water his saturated uniform was leaving on the meticulously tiled floor. He decided he would have to change his uniform immediately or risk pneumonia and completely ruin any chance he and his work colleagues had of leaving for Las Vegas that night. He walked quietly out of the shop to the trunk of his car. The relentless rain had eventually resided as he felt just a mist touch the top of his head. He popped the trunk of the car and began searching through the mounts of trash he had stored there. He had been meaning to clear it all out for weeks but couldn’t find the time due to his hectic social life. Eventually, right as the back of the trunk he pulled out a spare uniform. It was missing its jacket but the shirt and pants would do for now. He rummaged around further in the trunk and managed to retrieve and old towel in there too.


Bill called out as he re-entered the store. No reply. Not to worry, he would just change quickly where he was. No doubt the young woman would spend far longer restoring her hair to its former glory than he would towelling off he thought. He quickly stripped down to just his underwear and ran the towel quickly over his body. He brought the towel up over his head and vigorously dried his hair.


His heart skipped a beat. He slowly lowered the towel from around his head and stood there awkwardly. Elizabeth stood in front of him, with her mouth open. She wore a light cream dress and she was holding a brush to her hair as she had been trying to re-shape it following the heavy rain.

“I’m so sorry. I called out to see if you were there but figured you might take a while. It’s just, I needed to get out of these clothes.”

Elizabeth advanced forwards and cracked a smile.

“Don’t worry about it. I completely understand.” She laughed as she advanced forwards to the counter and began selecting the most delicious donuts that her store had to offer. She couldn’t wipe the smile from her face no matter how hard she tried as she continued looking up at the perfectly sculpted officer towelling off in front of her.


Bill looked up as Elizabeth dropped a cream filled donut onto the floor, its contents erupting as the donut went limp. He looked up to see her eyes transfixed on him as he stood on one leg, awkwardly drying his freezing cold foot. He smiled at her and returned to his work, sensing that her eyes were not moving from his chiselled abs.

Finally, Elizabeth gave in to her urges as she advanced forwards with intent. Having just turned twenty two and with her business consuming her entire life, she had never been lured in by the presence of a man like this before. But one thing she knew was that this felt right. The way he had appeared at just the right time and the way he delicately lifted her from the ground with sincere compassion. The icing on the cake was his stunning herculean figure, standing almost completely naked in front of her, calling out to her.

Bill smiled intently as Elizabeth made her way tentatively towards him. Her heart beat furiously in anticipation for her first physical contact with any man. Without breaking stride, she lunged at the officer and planted her lips onto his. He grabbed her tightly before breaking the kiss and smiling down to her:

“No wonder everybody has been talking about this place. Do all of your customers get this kind of individual treatment or is that just for me?”

Elizabeth smiled at the cheeky officer as she wrapped her arms around his exposed waist and dragged him towards the counter of the store. He lifted her by her exposed leg and placed her delicate body on top of the flawless marble. He leaned forwards and reached his large frame in to kiss her again as his hand explored her thigh under her revealing dress.

“Ouch! What the hell!”

As Bill explored further with his curious hand, Elizabeth has unconsciously kicked out at him, connecting right on his knee cap. Bill smiled as he grasped his knee. This girl really needed to spend time away from her donuts he thought as he finished massaging the affected area and returned his hand, more cautiously this time, along Elizabeth’s thigh.

“Gosh, I’m sorry! Do you want me to get some ice for that?”

Bill rolled his eyes at the inexperienced Elizabeth and wondered if he really was the right man for this “job”. His hand was already answering that question for him though as it explored further, reaching the top of the virgin’s panties before locking underneath and pulling gently, teasing her for what was to follow. Elizabeth reached back in with her full lips and locked onto the cop’s lips. He pushed firmly to one side, forcing her lips across his cheek and craning his neck towards the ceiling, exposing his neck for exploration. Elizabeth looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Hey, I can’t reach you!” she pleaded as she strained to try and reach his lips again.

“I didn’t realise it would be this much trouble.” Bill remarked as he placed his hand on the back of her head and guided it to his neck.

“Let’s see what you’ve got baby, do your worst.” He sighed as Elizabeth’s eye brows rose up from the unexpected manoeuvre. But unexpectedly, Elizabeth revelled in her new position. She began by engulfing the skin of his neck with her mouth and sucking hard on it, drawing the skin into her mouth before lavishing it with her tongue. Bill’s eyes rolled and his eyebrows shot upwards on his forehead at the unexpected tingling feeling Elizabeth was creating in him. Without warning, she sucked in hard again, drawing more skin into the depths of her mouth, but this time, instead of caressing it with her tongue, she bit down hard on it, causing the officer to leap on top of her, grabbing her sides in the process and breaking her hold.

“Fast learner there aren’t we?” the officer breathed heavily as he rested his head on her covered breasts and gently soothed his bruised neck with his hand. He felt a hand moving below him as he continued his recovery mission on his sore but satisfied neck. Strangely, the hand was not moving anywhere near his body. He looked down curiously and noticed Elizabeth frantically trying to pull her dress down below her waist after it had started to ride up on her when Bill collapsed on top of her, exposing her red and white panties. Bill looked back at her and started laughing.

“Is there a problem down there?”

“Um, no, eh sorry, it just that I eh.”

Bill stopped her embarrassed rambling by administering some of his own punishment by biting down on her lip, immediately halting her stuttering. She reached behind and cradled the back of his neck with her palms as she pulled herself up to meet his embrace. Again, his hands started to explore below as he reached a long arm up under her dress, exposing her completely and went in search of her untouched breasts. As his hands reached her bra and began to circle relentlessly around her breasts she again bucked and began to slap his hand, pulling herself away from him.

“Oh my God, I am like so sorry! This is just so, like, not what I’m used to.”

She slowly moved back underneath the handsome stud again as she grabbed his wrist and slowly placed it back on her abs where she guided it in circular motions, moving closer and closer to her breasts. As he was finally permitted to reach his target, Elizabeth arched her back up towards his supreme body and circled her hand behind her back, unhooking her Dress Barn bra in one swift action.

Bill smiled as the immature woman stuck her tongue slightly out of her mouth and bit down on it, illustrating how uncomfortable she was, but how she was prepared to push through for the type of man she had always fantasised would relieve her of her virginity when the time was right. She cracked a wry smile when she realised that he was starting at her and again reached in to taste his lips.

She shifted her hips on the cold marble surface, slowly but surely adjusting to what was happening. Bill sensed that the time was right and began to lift her flimsy dress up from below, over her hips, revealing one of the finest bodies he had ever seen. And make no mistake about it, he had seen his fair share! Elizabeth assisted him as she pulled the dress fully over her head, popping over her chin as though the dress itself would rather have stayed where it was comfortable. She lay there, breathing hard and looking up at the stripped officer, exposed and vulnerable. Finally, she felt as though she was beginning to live a little, as her bra was exposed to one side by the powerful arm of the law, leaving her completely naked, bar the one piece of material adorning her perfect hips. She smiled back up at him as she exhaled deeply, mentally steeling herself for what was to come. The cop began to grind his hips against hers as she arched her back towards him. Sweat dripped from her brow as she shut her eyes tight.

On the far side of the room a cell phone beeped loudly. Bill craned his head back around. Bill turned his head back around to where the noise was coming from. It was coming from the pocket of his pants. His work cell phone. It was at that moment that he realised he had been away from the station for over an hour, having made no contact to verify his status or location.

“Why have you stopped? Just let the darn thing ring out!”

Elizabeth grabbed his hips and pulled them down towards hers as she began grinding back up to his stiffening cock. The phone continued to beep. He lazily bucked his hips back towards her as he counted a silent twenty in his head. If the phone continued to beep by the time he reached twenty he would have to deal with it. Who knows, it could have been any kind of an emergency. Despite the reality of the situation he was in, he was still a police officer on duty after all.


“Right, that’s it! I have no choice but to take you in”, the officer bellowed as he rose up from the uncomfortable marble surface, rubbing his aching back.

“If you’re not willing to co-operate, I’m going to have to take you back to the station.”

Elizabeth lay on the counter in a state of shock. What the hell was this guy talking about? He walked over to where his clothes, both wet and dry, lay in two separate piles on the ground. He picked up his pair of wet pants and stretched them out, feeling them and patting them down with his hands, until he found what he was looking for. Still wearing just his boxers, he marched back over to Elizabeth, grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and turned her around so that she had her back to him. He clasped her wrists together and slapped a set of cold metallic handcuffs onto them, binding them together.

“You have the right to remain silent…”

Elizabeth now realised the direction this was going and playfully pretended to resist arrest. Bill manoeuvred her roughly against the wall and pushed his lips into her again, both of them standing there almost completely naked. He walked in behind the counter of the store and searched for the jacket she had been wearing. It was still damp so he shook it out vigorously and returned to the “culprit”, draping it around her shoulders. He quickly dressed in his new shirt and pants combination as Elizabeth continued to blurt out her annoying plea of innocence, attempting to adopt a role in the game Bill had just invented.

Before departing for the station where the criminal would face her punishment, Bill retrieved the box of donuts, which had started this whole charade. He slit the seal at the edge of the box with his thumb nail and peered inside, running his hand along each donut until he found the creamiest one in the box. He walked back to the still protesting Elizabeth and pushed the donut roughly to her mouth. Mounds of cream dispersed all over her face as she gagged on her own produce.

“I suggest you use your right to remain silent”, he smiled as she attempted to swallow as much of the glorious donut as possible, before licking the cream from around her lips, unable to reach most of it. With the almost full box under one arm and his arm around the waist of the arrested, he escorted her to the car. He opened the door and pushed her head in roughly as she sprawled across the back seat. With increased care and precision, he opened the passenger door of the vehicle and carefully placed the box of confectionary down in the seat, strapping it in with its seatbelt. With sirens blaring, the car roared back to the police station.

“God dammit Bill I was trying to call you man! I was worried, thought you took a hit or something! Why didn’t you answer my calls?” Marty exclaimed, standing up from his desk as Bill poked his head in through the door of the station.

“We had a little situation.” He smirked as he pushed Elizabeth in through the door, locking it behind him. He pulled the strap that sealed her leather jacket shut and it fell to the floor, revealing her naked body to the shocked police man. After a few moments of jaw dropping silence, Marty smiled broadly.

“As yes, a good old ten-four. We haven’t had one of these for a while. Just when I thought you were losing your touch old man!”

Marty walked around Elizabeth, inspecting her youthful body.

“Pretty one too!” he mused as she circled around her, caressing her hips softly. With one sharp tug he ripped the red and white panties from her body and fired them into the corner of the room.

“We might have to detain the suspect overnight. She looks like a danger to both herself and the community in general, don’t you babe?” he smiled as he leaned in close to her, lapping his tongue around her chin and cheeks, clearing away all the cream that she could not reach with her own tongue.

Behind the pair, Bill had reached for his walkie-talkie on the desk.

“Officer Johnson, come in Officer Johnson.”

“This is Officer Johnson.”

“We require urgent back-up here at the station. We’ve got a ten-four, I repeat a ten-four. This is not a drill. Please report for duty Officer.”

“Copy that. You’ve still got it buddy!”

He threw the walkie-talkie into the corner of the room where Elizabeth’s panties lay. Walking over towards his desk, he began clearing everything from it until just the hard wooden surface was all that remained. Marty continued to work Elizabeth’s mouth as she pressed her young body against his, yet to have uttered a word since entering the station. Bill walked up behind her and grabbed her underneath each armpit as Marty swept her legs from underneath, they carried her over to the desk, laying her flat on her back.

“I don’t want to go to jail officers! Can you not deliver another punishment and let me on my way? I promise I won’t do it again!”

“You know, we’re not just cops by the way. We’re also quite talented in another line of work.” Marty claimed as he slowly began undoing the buttons of his shirt from the top down. Simultaneously, Bill began undoing his shirt, button by button, in perfect sync with his partner. Once they had undone the final button, they sharply ripped their shirts from their bodies, revealing two sets of chiselled abs, as Elizabeth bit down on her lip in an attempt to control her throbbing urge to be fucked by these two studs. They removed their belts with uncanny similarity as their pants dropped to the floor. Marty made his move first as he slid up the young woman’s naked body, kicking his boxers off onto the ground. He moved all the way up to her stomach as Bill threw him a donut from the box.

“Thanks for the snack, we really needed them tonight!” he smiled as he slammed it into her breasts as the cream filled centre exploded around her. He spread the cream out all over both of her breasts, admiring his work before plunging his head in for a taste. Bill stood to one side, recording everything that was taking place on his phone for “business purposes” as he described it when Elizabeth shot him a confused look.

Marty traced his tongue all around Elizabeth’s breasts, biting down gently in heavily covered areas and paying particular attention to the young woman’s nipples as he traced his tongue around them over and over again. She scraped the last dollop of cream up from her breast using his middle three fingers as he shuffled up on her body, straddling her neck. He dropped his already stiff, pulsating cock on her chin and smothered it in the fresh cream, coating it all around with his hand.

“You’re not on a diet I hope? ‘Cause this meal is coming at you full fat!” he laughed as he plunged his cock deep into her mouth. The virgin panicked and struggled to adjust as the mixture of cream and oversized cock forced her to reject his throbbing member and lean to the side of the table, spitting cream from her mouth.

“Well where are my manners? I never even asked you if you liked cream. Hey Bill, toss me a jam one!”

Marty caught the flying donut and held it over the virgin’s head before breaking it between his two hands. The crumbs rained down all over Elizabeth’s face as jam shot from its centre, coating both of Marty’s hands. He reached down to his throbbing member and lathered the jam along his pulsing shaft.

“I do really like jam as a matter of fact.”

Marty impaled his cock into the young woman’s mouth. Elizabeth wasted no time in spiralling her tongue around it, licking every bit of jam from it and swallowing hard. Bill zoomed in on Marty as his eyes rolled in his head.

With that, the door of the station burst open. Elizabeth tried to push Marty off her, until she realised that it was just another cop. Officer Jason Johnson had his pants kicked off before he had even spoken a word to his colleagues or the beautiful young woman who was being defiled by the stud of a cop. Bill tossed him a donut as he made his way over to the desk.

“I like the direction this is going. And combining Marty’s two favourite things in the world? Young pussy and jam donuts. This can’t be really happening Mart, can it?!”

“Whether it is or whether it’s not, less talk and more action buddy. You can take the lower half.”

Jason didn’t hang around as he bit his donut in half and squeezed its cream filled centred out, coating Elizabeth’s toes. He wrapped his mouth around each of them individually, cleaning them perfectly as he sat in a reversed position from her hips, looking down her body.

“What is it with you and feet my man?”

Jason merely smiled back up at Bill who was enjoying recording every moment of the action.

“Hey, Marty can you slide up a bit man?” Jason asked Marty. Marty moved up from Elizabeth’s neck, removing his cock from her mouth for her first moment of respite in a number of minutes. Jason slid his way up the woman’s body and positioned his already rock hard cock at the tip of her virgin pussy. He pushed the head of his cock in as Elizabeth thrashed against the two men, the feeling unbearable at first.

“Wow what have we got here gentlemen? A first timer?” he grinned broadly.

“You know it buddy, eager and willing to learn.” Bill replied as he zoomed in on Elizabeth’s contorted face as she breathed heavily, coming to terms with the invasion of her body.

“Well my friends, it truly is an honour.” He laughed as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy, allowing for a deeper thrust each time until he was balls deep inside her. She closed her eyes tightly as a tear rolled down one of her cheeks, her body coming to terms with the unique feeling as her pain turned to unrivalled pleasure. Jason’s cock was long and thick. After a few moments allowing for the virgin to adjust he began to slowly move in and out, penetrating her deeply as she moaned in pleasure through a mouthful of cream, jam and Marty’s balls. She arched her back and bucked her hips into the muscled stud as Bill went in search of another donut.

“Things aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like there are they buddy? Let me help a friend out.” He laughed as she emptied the donut of its creamed contents all over Jason’s cock as he continued to force it in and out of Elizabeth’s widening pussy. His cock began to slip in and out with consummate ease as cream splashed up onto his stomach. Marty removed his balls from her mouth and plunged his cock deep into her throat again as he began to buck wildly on top of her. Bill continued to film everything as he wiped dollops of cream from his wedding ring, licking his fingers clean after finishing the donut he had just exploded onto the grinding bodies. Jason began to reach full pace as he ploughed into the young woman unmercifully. He looked ahead of himself where he saw Marty’s butt cheeks clench up as he unloaded mounds of cum all over Elizabeth’s face, leaving it dripping from her chin as she finally allowed a long, high moan to escape from her mouth as Jason continued his unstoppable penetration. With his hard cock in one hand, Bill handed his phone to Marty who had stepped down off the desk and was beginning to towel himself down, removing all traces of sweat, cream and jam from his perfectly sculpted body.

Bill climbed onto the table and quickly inserted his already pre-cum leaking cock into Elizabeth’s befouled mouth. She took it expertly and ran her puckered lips around it, driving Bill into a sensory overload. He had been waiting for this moment all day as he grabbed the back of her head and started pile driving his throbbing shaft deep into her throat, with Jason continuing his unrelenting pounding below. Just as before, Jason watched as his buddy’s ass clenched before him and Bill too, destroyed the woman’s throat, shooting two streams of cum into her mouth, before unloading a further four onto her face, leaving her panting with sheer exhaustion.

“My God, are you ever going to finish up down there?” Marty exclaimed as Jason’s thrusts continued to increase in power and speed. He winked across at him as he gritted his teeth, preparing for his final moments of assault. The veins in Elizabeth’s neck began to visibly pop as Jason continued with five more long, powerful thrusts before he unloaded his seed into her previously untouched pussy. It dripped down the inside of her thigh, mixing with the cream and jam, just like on her face. Jason dropped his chest down onto her breasts and bit her neck hard, leaning into her ear and whispering:

“Hurts, donut?”

On the other side of the room, Bill had removed his credit card from his wallet and was in the middle of booking four first class tickets to Vegas for the next flight out.

“How much do we owe you for the snacks?”

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