Neighbor little Secret – Chapter 3

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“Are you crazy? I’ve never seduced a man in private never mind in public!”

“All the more reason it would be more authentic if you do it now! He needs you and he’s not gonna make the first move because every time he comes around you, you make him feel like some pervert!”

I sighed. I really was going to have to seduce Derek. But how? My palms began to perspire.

“What do I do?”

“Walk up to him right in the crowd and go with your instincts,” she instructed.

I stared at her owlishly.

“Anything else would look fake and forced,” she told me.


The music was still blasting as I walked back into the house.

I could feel eyes all over me from every corner of the room. I willed myself to ignore them and focus on some inner strength I didn’t even know I had. I looked around the room. Derek was still lounging right where I left him!

This time, two girls, the redhead and a blonde were competing for his attention but without much success because he looked bored and wasn’t even trying to hide it.

The moment he saw me, something alive and electric moved in his eyes. Because I was watching for it, I saw it. It zinged from right across the room and scorched me; so hot and fast in its intensity.

Suddenly the last of my nervousness vanished. I threw back my shoulders and walked straight towards him.

He straightened from his lounging position to glare down at me. I refused to be intimidated. I held on to what Tiara had said about him wanting me and the emotion I had seen in his eyes few seconds ago when he noticed me.

“What?” he demanded.

I tossed my hair, baring one side of my neck and I was gratified to see his gaze fasten to the spot.

“I want to make a deal with you Derek. Since you won’t turn down the music and I can’t go to the cops, how about we compromise?” I whispered, looking at him from beneath my lashes.

He stared at me. “What did you have in mind?”

I slowly placed both hands on his chest. I felt the muscles leap and bunch beneath my hands and I was emboldened.

“If I can get you hot and bothered, you’re going to have to do as I say and turn down the music.”

His lip quirked in a smile that was half-derisive. “And if you lose?”

I swallowed. That didn’t bear thinking about. If I lost it meant he didn’t find me desirable at all and Triana was wrong! Panic welled and I looked around wildly. I caught Triana’s eyes just then in a corner of the room and she gave me an encouraging nod. I relaxed and looked back at Derek, “If you win, you decide what you want. Anything.”

His eyes flamed. “This should be interesting. Go for it, tiger.”

My mind went delightfully blank. I didn’t know what next to do!

I raised panicked eyes to his and he seemed to take pity on me. He moved fractionally closer and just like that, I knew at once what to do. I slid my hands around his neck and pressed my body against his. I lifted my face, offering him my lips and obligingly he began to kiss me. His kiss deepened and deepened as he began to kiss me harder, deeper. I slowly embraced him harder against me and he kissed me all the more.

His hands delved into my hair, holding me in place as his tongue tangled with mine. Catcalls and wolf whistles rent the air and I slowly detached myself from his arms. I realized then that while he had been kissing me, he had merely been following my lead.

He seemed calmly unruffled and faintly amused, I realized as my angry gaze caught the faint smile on his lips.

I would wipe off that smile in two seconds, I promised myself.

I went in for another kiss and this time I kissed him with everything in me. I pressed my breasts against his chest and began to undulate and twist against him as I kissed him. One hand drifted from his neck to slowly stroke his chest. My finger grazed his nipple and I heard his sharp intake of breath. I smiled to myself. So that was the secret was it?

I boldly began to fondle the nipple as he groaned and moaned against my lips. I twisted it and stroked it and his hands tightened about me even as his tongue delved deeper into my mouth.

Now we were getting somewhere, I thought in feminine triumph.

I pushed my hand underneath his chest and began to fondle his nipples directly. He was groaning openly now. Without stopping to think about it, I raised his shirt and bent my head to suckle his nipple. The others in the room were practically going crazy by now.

I distinctly heard someone say, “This isn’t a virgin! She’s a whore!”

I smiled in triumph against his chest.

Derek was enjoying my ministrations because his hands were also everywhere. I felt the hard poking of his penis against my body and I rubbed against him experimentally. He groaned some more.

I licked first his right and then his left nipple. Then slowly, I slid to my knees in front of him.

I saw his eyes widen in shock as I reached for his fly.

Chants of “Jenny!” “Derek!” filled the entire room as everyone seemed to be egging us on.

I raised one brow, “Ready soldier?”

I didn’t give him a chance to respond. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. His arousal sprang free at a ninety degrees angle and the entire room crowed.

Derek was huge. He had to be about 12 inches. I felt my hands begin to shake at his incredibly huge size.

He noticed because he raised one hand and caressed my cheek, “It’s okay Jenny. It won’t hurt you,” he promised huskily.

I looked into his eyes and suddenly in that moment I saw with clarity what had been hidden in my heart for months. I loved him. I didn’t care if he was the world’s worst player, I loved him.

And just like that I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I trustingly bent my head and began to suck his dick. He moaned and groaned and wriggled against me. I licked the salty head of his dick and then I began to bob my head up and down instinctively.

He threw back his head with a hoarse cry escaping from his lips again and again and again as I sucked him.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” he groaned as I sucked and sucked and sucked.

I pulled my lips away immediately and rose to my feet.

Derek raised tortured eyes to mine. “Please don’t stop. I need to cum. I need—”

“See the pressure you’re feeling now Derek? It’s not gonna go away until the music ends,” I enunciated carefully.

He gaped at me in disbelief. Then like a mad man, he suddenly turned around and yelled, “Everyone get out! Right now! Party’s over.”

The room erupted in a cacophony of voices. I watched as Derek jerked his pants over his still erect penis and I winced as he shoved it around, trying to zip the fly. He settled for buttoning it and jerking his shirt over his erect penis.

“Clear out! Party’s over!” he yelled.

“Dude, you wanna get laid, go get some. Leave us in peace.”

“Everyone you’ve got five seconds. If you aren’t out the door by the time I’m done talking, I’m getting the cops. And I’m done talking now!”

The place erupted in a burst of activity and in less than five seconds, I was left standing in an empty room with Derek. I felt my heart melt to my very toes.

I had asked him to stop the music, he had stopped the entire damn party! For me!

“Jenny, you shocked me today,” he breathed as he locked the door after the last person and reached for me.

I blushed to my toes. I knew what he meant. I had shocked me too. This had been so out-of-character for me. But in a strange way, I kind of liked it; I liked knowing I had a side of me no one could have guessed. A wild, bold, confident side.

And that power I had had over him… sheer feminine power. It made me feel real good about myself.

Derek came back to me. “Let’s go upstairs. It’s much cleaner.”

I nodded happily at him and he leaned down and jerked me up into his arms. I yelped in surprise and he bent his head and kissed the scream off my lips. He was so incredibly gentle it melted my heart.

As he carried me upstairs, I listened to the sound of his heartbeat; sure and strong.

“I can’t believe you threw your guests out,” I laughed against his chest.

He stopped in front of a large wooden door. I assumed the door led to his bedroom.

His eyes were shining with a strange un-nameable light as he looked down into mine. Then without warning he said the last thing I expected to hear, “I love you Jenny.”

My breath caught in my throat. I stared up at him in dazed disbelief.

“I didn’t know how to tell you all those months ago that I loved you especially because every time you saw me, some girl was hanging around. Every time I looked at you, I saw a disapproving frown. I was afraid you would think I was a pervert so I stayed quiet.”

Without waiting for my response, Derek kicked open the door and laid me gently on a bed covered in blue bedspreads as if I was made of fine china. I sat up immediately watching in fascination as he hurriedly shed his clothes. My heart was still racing at the words he had said. Did he really mean it? He loved me?

He was naked almost at once and he clambered onto the bed.

His hands encircled me and I groaned in excitement as he bent to kiss the sensitive spot behind my right ear.

“Oh Jenny. I’ve dreamed of this for so long,” he breathed.

I began to shake as he kissed my ear lobe and licked it. Next he moved his lips and began to kiss me.

I shook even more severely in his arms. He bent his head and kissed my neck, my collarbone. Then he slowly raised my top and began to feast on my breasts.

No one had ever suckled my breasts. I discovered at once that my nipples were so incredibly sensitive as shafts of pleasure shot through me. Derek kissed me again and again until I began to quiver all over.

“I love your breasts. They’re small and firm and easy to grab,” he moaned.

I had never liked by size 34A boobs but in that very moment, I fell in love with them.

Derek worshipped my breasts, laving them with his tongue, grazing them with his teeth and sending shafts of uncontrollable pleasure racing from my breasts to my nipples, to my stomach and down to the juncture of my thighs.

His hands slipped downwards and unfastened my jeans. In a flash he had slipped it off.

“You do that so well,” I accused.

“Someone’s jealous,” he chuckled.

I flushed in embarrassment. “So what if I am?” I demanded.

He grinned and then he slowly reached out and dipped one hand between my legs. All traces of laughter vanished from his eyes as he felt my soft, wet core.

“Jenny,” he groaned.

I couldn’t respond. I opened my legs wide to give him access. He bent his head and opened his mouth over my pussy. I jumped in surprise. But his hands steadied me.

I slowly spread wider and he began to kiss me and lick me.

One slim finger gingerly entered between my legs. I was incredibly tight around his finger but I was also wet. He began to move his hand in and out even as his lips and tongue continued to give me pleasure.

Finally, he stopped and I groaned. He raised himself to look at me.

“Jenny? I want to make love to you.”

I nodded.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

I nodded again, feeling my cheeks going red.

“Hey, don’t be shy. I like that you’re a virgin at your age and I’m the first and last guy to ever make love to you.”

I lifted one brow. “Confident much?”

He shrugged. “Alright I hope to be the last. I want you Jenny. Not just for now; for always.”

My heart was in my eyes as I looked into his. He was earnest, and sincerity blazed from his eyes.

“I want to make love to you now Jenny. It might hurt a little at first,” he whispered.

I nodded. Then I smiled, “I’m not a child Derek. I know exactly what’s going to happen. I want you, Now!”

He groaned as though he were in pain, then he bent and positioned his dick at the entrance of my pussy. I was trembling with need.He slowly rubbed the thick, fat head of his penis against my entrance.

“Please Derek. Make love to me. Now!”

He bent and kissed my neck and then he slowly melded his lips with mine as he began to thrust into me inch by inch. I spread my legs even wider and moaned, grabbing the sheets in ecstasy as he began to thrust the full length of his warm, hard penis into my pussy.

I felt him enter me sheathing himself until the real fragile membrane of my hymen. Derek raised his head then, his eyes on mine as he reared back and thrust into me.

I screamed as pain rent me and he stilled. The pain faded as suddenly as it had come.

“I’m sorry baby,” Derek murmured repeatedly.

He thrust into me again experimentally and there was no pain. Then he began to make love to me in earnest, pumping his hips again and again as he fucked me. His dick was so very fat and long that I could feel every inch of it; it almost felt as though he touched my womb.

Derek covered one of my hands with his as he loved me, thrusting in inch by agonizing inch. My pussy enclosed every inch of his dick so completely that the sensation was out-of-this-world.

I began to undulate beneath him as he fucked me. I could feel pleasure all over me from head to toe. Tiny pinpoints of unbearable pleasure.

Suddenly he jerked out of me. “I want it from behind,” he groaned.

I spread my legs wide for him as I lay on my belly. Need rushed through me anew as he began to slide into my tightness.

Unable to resist, he lightly slapped my ass, startling a moan of mingled surprise and pleasure from my throat. He slapped my ass again as he began to thrust into me, rocking back and forth gently.

“Oh, I love that,” I gasped beneath him.

“Yes! I love that you are so wet for me,” he moaned as he increased the tempo of his thrusts, sliding in and out of her faster and faster and faster.

His hands tightened on my slim thighs as he fucked me. Suddenly he changed the angle of his thrusts and pressed against my G-spot. Orgasm roared through me and I began to unclench and clench around him as I came in crashing waves of pleasure.

As I slowly drifted back to earth, Derek flipped me onto my back again and bent to kiss one thrusting breast. His teeth lightly grazed my nipple even as he positioned his huge dick again and thrust into me.

Derek placed one hand between our bodies and began to stroke the sensitive bud of my clitoris as he continued thrusting in and out of me.

Pleasure pooled in my belly and began to gather. The tension wound tighter, climbing higher and higher. I thrashed about beneath Derek; screaming his name senselessly as I rode on the waves of pleasure.

He flicked the pad of his thumb over my clitoris in one long, slow stroke and just like that the dam burst.

I screamed his name aloud as I began to cum again in wave after wave of intense pleasure.

After what seemed like minutes, I slowly drifted back to earth.

Derek was still thrusting. His head was thrown back, his teeth clenched as he pounded towards his own fulfillment.

He pulled out of me and then he poured his sperm onto my thighs.

For the first time I realized he had not used a condom.

He collapsed onto the bed beside me and pulled me into his arms. I cuddled against him, listening to his heartbeat beneath my ears.

“I want to make love to you,” he whispered.

I frowned feeling a tiny surge of alarm.

“I want to make love to you forever,” he clarified.

I looked at him, “Well tomorrow is soon enough to make love to me Derek. I’ll be sore if we go again.”

He laughed. “You’re so innocent. What I’m trying to say silly girl, is that I love you. I always have. I always will.”

My heart melted as I looked at him. “Me too,” I whispered.

His kiss swallowed my words and happiness unfurled in my heart. Who knew that going wild just one night would land me the man I loved?

I kissed him back with everything in me.

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