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Got Naked at School – Chapter 3

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Brian’s hands were quick to fly to the buttons on my blouse.

Part of my felt like I should stop this, like I should call it off, but at the same time I knew that I didn’t want to stop this. The only reason I wanted to stop it was because I knew this isn’t what people usually did, I knew this isn’t how people lose their virginity. All the same, I didn’t see why this couldn’t be how I lose mine.

I don’t have to be like everyone else.

My blouse was quickly off, and there was a strong pause in the air, all of us waiting for more direction from Rick.

“Take off your bra,” he said simply to me.

It was testing the waters.

By having me do it, he was making sure I was willing to do all of this.

Reaching behind me, I started to undo the clasps and follow his direction. If I’m being completely honest, I’d never felt this excited in my life. My body was aching for him and he hadn’t done anything more than kiss me.

“Kiss me again,” I demanded of Rick. I wasn’t going to deny myself anything he wouldn’t.

“Yes,” Rick agreed. He came over and kissed me again, helping me pull off my bra and toss it aside. His large, hot, hands cupped my face and neck, and I felt like I was melting. Without direction, we kissed deeper, I like his taste wash away any remnants of Greg’s tongue. My whole body was buzzing with excitement, with thrills, and I melted against his lips.

Rick pulled back away from me, and I could hear Brian unzipping his pants.

My face was still pink from being flustered about earlier, and I almost couldn’t stand the thought of what was next.

“Touch my cock,” Brian said. His eyes were glazed over with need, I could tell that he didn’t mind taking it this far this fast. The other men fell silent as Brian’s legs fell apart and I knelt to the ground between them. His cock was a deep pink, darker at the head, and I tried to pull forward any knowledge I could about cocks from porn or tv I’ve watched.

Cautiously unsure, I wrapped one of my hands loosely around his length and started moving it up and down.

His skin was hot, dense beneath my fingertips, but the skin was surprisingly smooth despite the veins that were starting to make an appearance.

“Yes,” Brian moaned. He leaned his head back, relaxing in the chair. It felt good to know I was making him feel good, so I started using my other hand as well.

“Gregg, take off her skirt and panties,” Rick said. Glancing over, I realized he was standing beside me, watching everything with a trained interest. My face felt hot from the attention, and I focused on doing this as well as I could.

Fumbling fingers behind me unzipped the back of my skirt. I shifted my hips and stood, still working Brian’s cock, as Greg pulled my panties and skirt down in one fluid motion.

I was completely naked.

I was definitely embarrassed, of course, but there’s no way I was going to let this stop now.

Not when I’d gotten so far, and felt so damn good.

“Ashley, stop for just a moment,” Rick said.

I stopped immediately, despite Brian’s obvious disappointment in that.

Guiding me over to one of the smaller desks, Rick patted it.

“Ashley, lay here, face up, make sure your hips are just on the edge of it,” he explained concisely. Without hesitation, I did as I was told. The desk was shockingly cold beneath my bare skin, but I knew it would warm up with time. “Greg, kneel between her legs, eat her out,” he said. My heart skipped a beat, I wasn’t entirely expecting that.

Greg smiled, though, like he was excited to get a taste of me. Without even pausing, Greg’s hands went to my knees, placing them on his shoulders as he kissed my thighs. I blushed, squirming a little beneath the attention.

His kisses went higher, and higher, until he parted my labia with his lips, and started licking my entrance. My body was rocked by the sensation, and my back almost immediately arched in surprised pleasure. Using his hands on my hips, Greg kept me in place as he sucked and kissed and licked my buzzing anatomy.

Looking over at the other too, I saw that Brian was holding his own cock, watching with hungry interest.

“Suck Brian’s cock,” Rick said to me. I turned my face so that I was facing them entirely.

Brian stepped forward and let his pants and underwear fall down to his knees. At this angle, so close to my face, his cock suddenly seemed a lot larger. Without much more than a look, Brian pressed his cock against my closed mouth, He traced my lips with it at first, getting pre-cum on my cupid’s bow, and then pressed in. Instinctively, I hollowed my cheeks to make sure he would get my teeth. Brian’s hand curled in my red hair, holding my face still, and he pulled back before pressing in again shallowly.

Greg did something to my clit with his lips and I moaned, writhing from it, which made Brian moan and press his cock further into my mouth. It was hot against my tongue, salty and thick. I sucked in varying degrees, trying to figure out what he liked best. Sliding my tongue against the side of his cock, I tried to relax my throat. I didn’t want to gag in this position.

I wanted to show Rick how good I could be.

Brian pressed further and further in, faster and faster, until he was dealing me a punishing pace, using my face like a sex toy. His cock started hitting my throat, and I gagged without meaning to, tears pricking at my eyes. He moaned from the sensation, and then slowed down, like he didn’t want to actually hurt me.

Greg was still working my body, but something was different.

I could feel as he started pressing a finger against my entrance.

My breath hitched, and I felt Greg’s finger slowly press into me.

I moaned around Brian’s cock again, and he moaned as well, we were a writhing group of bodies just wanting to feel good, and I suddenly realized I didn’t know where Rick was anymore.

Was he liking what he was seeing?

Opening my eyes, still blurry from tears from gagging, I was able to see that Rick was at my hip, watching my face with interest. I wished that it was his cock in my mouth instead of Brian’s.

Closing my eyes, picturing it, it was easy enough to make myself believe that it was.

I wonder how thick his is.

What it tastes like.

The imagery turns me on more, and from the sensation and my mouth and of Greg’s finger working inside of me, I feel like my body is seizing up. My whole body feels like it’s throbbing, my clit is overwhelmingly beating like a pulse, and I realize I’m orgasming. It’s overwhelming and so damn good, like more than I could have ever wanted.

I find myself moaning without meaning to, taking Brian even deeper into my throat as my body clamped down hard around Greg’s finger.

Before I come completely out of it, I taste something new shooting over my tongue and into my throat. Brian’s grip is tight as he comes in my mouth, filling me with the taste of his salty orgasm.

When he pulls out, slowly, gingerly, his cock is already losing its arousal.

I don’t feel like that though.

I feel like there’s so much more I can take, so much more I want.

I need Rick.

“Rick, please fuck me,” I beg.

The words are foreign even after they leave my lips. I shift and realize Greg has two fingers inside of me instead of just one. His steady tempo of thrusting them into me is matched by his lips and tongue against my clit.

“That’s not that confident sounding,” Rick corrected me. His eyes are dark with lust, and I know he’s just teasing me, but I want to do right by him.

“Rick, fuck me,” I demand of him. Moving slowly, I parted my legs so that Greg got the hint to back away.

“How could I say no to that?” he teased, walking to me.

Pulling me closer to the edge of the desk, his hands were demanding and rough on me. I loved it, I needed more.

“You’re gorgeous,” Rick said, the words rolled over his tongue like water on my hot skin. I watched as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I couldn’t see much laying down, so I sat up to get a good look at him. His cock was large, thick, I’m not sure how I would have gotten it into my mouth if I tried- but god I would have tried. Rick stepped forward, his fingers strayed between my legs and rubbed against my clit teasingly.

“Beautiful,” he admired.

I blushed and looked away, unsure what to say, what to do.

I needed him.

Stepping closer, he rubbed his cock over my clit, circling it languidly. I gasped, trembling at the sensation. I needed more than this, but god it felt good. Then slowly, decisively, he ran his cock down to my entrance and pressed against it. My breath hitched, and I gripped either sides of the small desk I was on to make sure I could stay sitting up to watch this.

“Good girl,” Rick murmured as he pressed into me.

I don’t think given a thousand years I could describe how good it felt.

My body stretched and worked to accommodate him, letting in his large size and squeezing tightly around his girth. He filled me slowly, languidly, as though he was trying to build the suspense. I could feel my body getting fuller and fuller with him, taking every inch he had to offer even though it was leaps and bounds more than I’d ever had before.

Rick bottomed out inside of me, and then pulled back a little, before pressing in again.

I moaned, deep and throaty, and my legs fell eagerly apart. I needed this, wanted this, it wasn’t something I ever thought I’d feel that way about but now that I was here I felt desperately starved for him.

Pulling back further, Rick pressed into me harder this time and I let out of sob of pleasure.

“Yes, yes,” I hissed out, embarrassed but loving it.

His hands grew tighter on my hips, and his pace began to build. It was exhilarating, I could feel the desk beneath me creaking with every thrust.

“Greg, use her mouth,” Rick commanded. I let my head fall to the side and my mouth split open. I had no qualms in thanking Greg for the first orgasm I ever had. “Ashley, use your hands too,” he added. I was surprised, not sure why he’d want my hands when my mouth would definitely feel better.

Waiting for him, I watched as he unzipped his pants and revealed himself.

Greg’s cock was legendary.

For all the girth that Rick had, Greg was as impressive in length.

It looked like he could ruin me with it, and I found myself wanting him to. I told myself that if I relaxed enough I wouldn’t have to gag. I didn’t want to gag.

As Greg stepped towards me, I greedily took him into my hands and started licking the head of his cock like candy. I had gone straight to sucking on Brian’s cock without any teasing, I wanted to take my time with Greg. He deserved that much.

His length was almost too much, and although I could hardly stand how good Rick was making me feel, I couldn’t be distracted from Greg. As he slipped past my lips, further into my mouth, I worked my tongue like he was candy. He was salty, dripping precum already, and I wondered if he got this worked up just from going down on me.

The thought gave me a heady feeling, and I relaxed my jaw as I started bobbing my head back and forth on his cock.

Greg’s fingers ran along my jaw, sliding over my cheek before tangling loosely in my hair.

It was different from what Brian had done, it was intimate.


Upping my rhythm, I let a hum of content slip from my throat.

Greg moaned, his fingers tightening just a little, and it egged me on. Humming again, trying my best to make it reverberate, trying to make sure it gets to the root of his cock, I wanted to make him feel good. Another moan poured from his lips, like thick sweet honey.

It was all the praise I needed to keep this up.

Rick’s grip was getting harder on my hips, fingertips pressing in for precious purchase. Distantly I hoped that this meant he’d leave bruises. Somewhere in the back of my primal mind I wanted him to mark me like that.

I wanted something to remind me of this.

I didn’t want to forget.

Not that I could forget even if I tried.

Rick changed our positions, pulling back from me. He lifted my hips so that my calves were sitting on his shoulders. At this angle he was able to swing harder and faster into me, using me like a rag doll. I sobbed around Greg’s cock, crying out in pleasure and surprise as Rick hit places deeper in me than before.

He kissed my knee, his facial scruff scrubbed against my sensitive skin and left me littered with goosebumps. Never once did he change his pace or falter, he was steady and consistent.

It felt incredible.

I hoped to god that Rick felt as good as I did.

I wanted him to have every bit of pleasure that I did.

I needed it.

Arching my back, changing the angle, made him strike something deep inside of me that we hadn’t hit before.

It filled my vision with galaxies of constellations, left me spinning and waitless in the mere seconds of contact. The sounds that escaped my Greg-filled mouth weren’t human.

“Oh,” I heard Rick murmur, a smile in his voice.

Rocking back, he hit it again.

Oh my god.

Oh my god I couldn’t breathe, it felt so good. Greg pulled out of my mouth, realizing I’d stopped sucking on him, and watched as Rick started to hit that spot on at least every third thrust. Tears were in my eyes from how good it felt, I knew that I was flushed with color from the pleasure, but I wasn’t embarrassed.

I couldn’t be embarrassed.

It was too incredible.

He was working my body as though he knew it better than I knew it myself.

Greg pet my hair softly, leaning down he kissed me through it as another orgasm rocked me to my core. His lips were firm, taking, needing, and all I could do was melt against the two men. I could taste myself on Greg’s lips, and I know he could take himself on mine, but neither of us cared. It was carnal, animalistic. My second orgasm was strong, an echo of the first one, but even as it ended I knew there was another to steal.

I wanted more.

I wasn’t done yet.

Rick thrust into me through my orgasm, never stopping until the exact moment his orgasm hit him. Holding my hips for dear life, he made one last hard thrust and buried himself deeply within me. I moaned and sobbed, disappointed that he was through, but thankful for how good he’d made me feel.

I needed everything that he had to offer.

And more.

Rick pulled out slowly, spilling a small trickle of his orgasm in his wake. Greg kissed me once more, a furtive promise, and I was relieved to know that this wasn’t over.

I didn’t need that disappointment.

Greg sat down on the chair behind Rick’s desk, bare to the world besides his shirt, and pat his lap.

I blushed, but understood.

Rick helped me to my feet, and I made my way to Greg.

There was a look in his eyes that said what he thought of me, that he was enjoying himself as much as I was. My heart beat faster, and suddenly I felt shy. He wanted me to ride him, I understood that, but tonight was my first night with anybody.

I wasn’t sure I could make him feel good this way.

I didn’t want him to be disappointed.

“I’ll guide you,” Greg said, his voice was smooth and calm.

“Okay,” I agree, admittedly shy.

Climbing onto his lap, I calmed my breathing. Greg kissed my chest warmly, working from my clavicle down to my nipple, swirling it with his hot tongue. That tongue had brought me my first orgasm. Slowly, cautiously, I lowered myself down above his cock and then started to press onto it.

It wasn’t as thick as Ricks, I could feel that, but the length of it started filling me further than Rick’s had before long. I gasped, screwing my eyes shut to concentrate on the sensation.

It felt good.

God why did it feel so good.

“Just do what feels good, I promise it’ll make me feel good too,” Greg murmured in my ear. It was like he could read my mind. He knew my thoughts before even I did. Working my thighs, my arms around his shoulders, I lifted up a little and then lowered back down onto his cock.

I could hardly breathe, concentrating carefully on every moment.

As I lifted and lowered down again, I ground against him a little and it sent stars into my vision.

Moving again, I was able to hit that spot that Rick found. I gasped, and then moaned and rotated my hips to hit it again. Behind me I could hear as Rick sat on the desk to watch.

Did he like what he saw?

Arching my back a little, putting on a show, I was amazed when I was able to hit that spot again with complete ease.


He was perfect.

Rotating my hips, trying to build a rhythm, I was able to start hitting that spot on every drop. My whole body was buzzing with anticipation, pleasure, I wasn’t sure how I went my life without trying this.

I’ve missed out on so much.

Leaning back, I sobbed out a moan as Greg’s fingers found my clit.

Trembling, losing my pace, I was amazed as I felt him starting to rock up into me. He was so selfless, even in having me ride him he was happy to take over. Working me rough, hard, I could tell he was starting to get desperate for his own climax.

“Come for me,” I demanded, using the voice that Rick had us try.

Greg grunted, leaning forward so that his head was against my chest for the last few thrusts, and then came hard within me. How easily he did that, his fingers on my clit, my body full of him, it wasn’t hard for my orgasm to follow his.

When I came it was harder than ever before.

My body gripped him, seizing up and bowling me over with sensation and pleasure.

I felt like I was dying.

Endless and full of stars and pleasure, I lost any memory of how to breathe, how to feel, how to think. It was all white, and an eternity, before finally Greg’s kisses on my damp skin brought me back down to the office.

To the classroom.

I was panting to catch my breath, my arms around his neck as we both came down from it.

“Beautiful,” Greg admired.

We kissed, slowly and sweetly.

A goodbye, because I wasn’t sure when we’d do this again. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to handle this much again. My body was going to be sore, and marked, the next day and I didn’t mind that.

We parted, I stood slowly and he slipped out of me. Rick got a towel out of his gym bag, and helped wipe me down, kissing me.

It felt right for this to begin and end with kissing rick.

He was the best part of all of this, the one I really wanted.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, his deep voice soft and caring.

“Confident,” I smiled, almost laughing.

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