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Fifteen was nearly my age at the time and I wanted to learn guitar, so my mother hired a home teacher for me to learn how to play it. During those times, my mother used to go to neighbors to practice yoga with her friends and my music teacher usually arrive at 7 p.m. He babysits me and usually teaches me how to play guitar as a means for her to pay her additional expenses and to hang out with his girlfriend at my place. They always make out in front of me and sometimes I get wet and often they get a sight and giggle at my wet panty. Sometimes he comes alone and runs her fingers on me and whispers, can I use my fingers on you? They will be useless otherwise. We need to make them use better. Those small moments led me differently and I lost my virginity. 

At that time, I always keep notes when he went away because my feelings were indescribable and I write down all those in my diary it was now a manuscript so I decided to write erotic stories. I was a fan of Erotic novels and I often keep them with me to read and feel the way they feel during the make-out. I never experienced any of these because I was still a virgin and I was keeping it for 5 years now. Anyways, it was one fine sunday, and my guitar teacher came home all tired. I had a weird sight of him and his pants were weird. He asked me where the bathroom was and I made him walk to the bathroom door, he asked me to wait outside for a while. He left the door open, maybe to tease me. I could barely see him but he was rubbing something, moving his hand back and forth. I wanted to see and just had sight and suddenly his eyes met mine and he gave me a weird smile and gave me a sign to come inside. 

I just followed him and he stood there with a Pisa tower in his pants, he made me bend down and pulled me towards him and kissed my cheeks and asked me in my ear can he unhook my bra? I just turned around and he was holding his firm dick and asked me if I wanted to hold it? I really wanted to but my hand shook. He pulled my hands and made me hold it, I rubbed it a bit and that gave me goosebumps. I have never seen a penis just I felt them in erotic fiction that was placed in my library. He grabbed my tiny waist, pulled me up in his arms, and made me sit on the shelf, his manhood just popped up like “a crown in the box”, I can only relate to this example, come on, I was just fifteen. He pinched my tits which made me stare at him and I was so turned on, I was widening my legs on the bathroom shelf as I want him inside me right now I was biting my nails and I realized that I am not wearing anything. He made me lie flat on the shelf and fucked me like the man fuck the girl in the erotic stories that I use to fantasize about all the time. I then got on top of him and rode him like a camel ride, he felt the dripping on his cock. It was so HARD! It was ten minutes fucking and he was still hard but I guess I lost my virginity by now. He pulled me and played rough and screamed are you loosen up girl? Between breaths, He whispered; show me what you have learned so far? How do run fingers down to the strings and chords? I just got up from my daydreaming, he looked at me and said “I think we have to work more on your fingers”, and walked out.

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